Niche Down Mini Course

Discover the money in niching down

Doesn't your whole business feel off when you feel uncertain about your niche?

I mean you hear it all the time, niche this and niche that but what does that even mean?

Welllllll, niche is a fancy way of saying space. A niche is a space in the market that your business occupies. There are a handful of mega niches and it's likely that your business falls into one of them. To make things easier you can take the people that hang out in this space within your industry, within one of these mega niches, and categorize them as your target audience. You still following?

These people are your people and how you know that they are your people depends on how well you know:

What solution your business provides
The pain and pleasure points of your target audience
How to help them get what they want and avoid what they don't
The gap in the market that your business fills
To speak to them aka market to them in a way that increases the like, know and trust factor

When you have a handle on all of these (heh did I mention simultaneously), then and only then will you start to build momentum towards the sale. It honestly works just like magic. Understanding who you serve and how you serve them opens up the opportunity for you to generate sales through your various online marketing efforts.

Inside this Niche Magic Mini-Course you'll discover how to:

Identify which mega niche your business falls under
Test various business ideas through my FLOW Formula Framework
Create a persona for who you think is a good fit to invest in you/your business
Speak to your aligned ideal client/customer (AIC)
Understand your AIC's needs & wants
Create content that converts

This free course is perfect for you if you're:

Starting a new business
Reviving a current business
Just getting started and you're not sure where to start
Not generating consistent four-figure months
Looking for a quick, straight to the point course for a refresher
Tired of trying to figure things out alone and you're ready to take your business more seriously

Maybe only one of these hit home, or maybe none of them do, either way, one thing I know for certain is that you won't figure out any of this if you continue to to just scroll, you gotta hit enroll boo!

Your Instructor


Jodi-Kay Edwards is the Founder and CEO of Alignment Is The New Hustle and co-Founder of Behind The Scenes Agency, a Dallas Based Media & Marketing company.  Her signature program and framework, The CEO $uite has helped hundreds of visionaries create a global impact.

As a coach, strategist, mentor, and friend to many, Jodi guides her clients and audience through increasing their online reach and revenue through sustainable and strategic planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
This course is completely free for a limited time only!

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